Adiba Jaigirdar
Adiba Jaigirdar

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that I am often asked. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, feel free to reach out via my contact form, or Twitter.

where are you from?

I was born in Bangladesh, but I’ve been living in Ireland for most of my life. I also have dual nationality so I’m both Irish and Bangladeshi.

When will The henna wars be released?

Sometime in 2020! Date TBC.

How can i get an arc of the henna wars?

Currently, ARCs don’t exist! But hopefully they will be available to request in the coming months.

Does the henna wars have south asian protagonists?

The main character in The Henna Wars is South Asian - she’s Bengali! But the love interest is Afro-Brazilian and Irish.

is the henna wars #ownvoices?

Yes, kind of! The MC of The Henna Wars is a Bengali Muslim lesbian. Similarly, I am queer, Bengali, and Muslim!

Is The Henna wars the first book you wrote and queried?

Nope! I’ve written many books before The Henna Wars, but it’s the second book I queried.

who is your agent?

Uwe Stender at Triada US.

how did you get an agent?

You can read my How I Got An Agent post to find out!

is being bangladeshi and bengali the same thing?

No! If you’re from the Bengal region, which consists of all of Bangladesh but only certain parts of India, then you are Bengali. So, you can be Bengali and Indian, or Bengali and Bangladeshi (which is what I am/the protagonist of The Henna Wars is)! But most Bengalis share similar cultures, histories, and languages.